Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Outfit Post!

Right! So I promised to do more of these. Today I went out to lunch with my Pappy...he's 90 and adorable!...and this is what I wore:

1960's Sailor Top--$7, ebay three years ago
White Slim Trousers--$10 on sale, Khol's last summer
Embellished Sandals--£20 on sale (are we noticing a pattern here?), Faith four years ago
1960's Pocketwatch Locket--FREE, inherited from my great-grandmother
1960's Red Polka Dot Scarf--FREE, my mom's

I've been busy again the last few days! I'm still working on the velvet bodiced dress. The zipper I bought ended up not unzipping all the way, so I had to take it back. Not to mention, it's quite tight in the upper chest and sleeves. I think it may be the lack of give in the velvet itself. I hope if I just make it sleeveless it will solve the problem.
I've finished a test of a late '50s/early '60s dress pattern that I picked up the other day. It turned out fantastic and I can't wait to make two in a heavier fabric for myself and one to sell on Etsy.
Also finished a skirt/shell set in blue and white.
I'll get some pics soon.
I went and picked up more vintage fabric yesterday...the thrift store I always rack up at was having a half price sale. Then I went to the antique store downtown for a few more vintage patterns. While I was there, I got the cutest vintage scottie dog card:

Since I've collected all things scottie since I was little, I had to have it...not to mention, I lost my own little scottie man two years ago so the message was SO appropriate. I miss HIM extra extra EXTRA much!!