Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Outfit Post!

Right! So I promised to do more of these. Today I went out to lunch with my Pappy...he's 90 and adorable!...and this is what I wore:

1960's Sailor Top--$7, ebay three years ago
White Slim Trousers--$10 on sale, Khol's last summer
Embellished Sandals--£20 on sale (are we noticing a pattern here?), Faith four years ago
1960's Pocketwatch Locket--FREE, inherited from my great-grandmother
1960's Red Polka Dot Scarf--FREE, my mom's

I've been busy again the last few days! I'm still working on the velvet bodiced dress. The zipper I bought ended up not unzipping all the way, so I had to take it back. Not to mention, it's quite tight in the upper chest and sleeves. I think it may be the lack of give in the velvet itself. I hope if I just make it sleeveless it will solve the problem.
I've finished a test of a late '50s/early '60s dress pattern that I picked up the other day. It turned out fantastic and I can't wait to make two in a heavier fabric for myself and one to sell on Etsy.
Also finished a skirt/shell set in blue and white.
I'll get some pics soon.
I went and picked up more vintage fabric yesterday...the thrift store I always rack up at was having a half price sale. Then I went to the antique store downtown for a few more vintage patterns. While I was there, I got the cutest vintage scottie dog card:

Since I've collected all things scottie since I was little, I had to have it...not to mention, I lost my own little scottie man two years ago so the message was SO appropriate. I miss HIM extra extra EXTRA much!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Still MORE Vintage Patterns! Where'll I Find the Time???

Hi hi, my dears! I know it's been almost 2 weeks since I posted! I've been sewing my little fingers off....seriously, I have a giant knot on the joint of my index finger (which I dislocated a couple of times as a kid) where my scissors rub AND, the tips of my index and middle fingers look like they did during final collections last year, aka, the skin is slowly peeling! Ewwww!!
But I've been productive! Well, sort of. I've finished two dresses. One is a cute little 'Twiggy' dress in a vintage yellow, blue, and mango striped jersey with a white Peter Pan collar:

The other is an early sixties inspired dress with a boat neck, sleeveless, fitted bodice, and a semi-full gathered skirt made in a blue and pink heavy chintz:

I'm also working on the short sleeved version of my "Tara" dress. Only a sleeve and zipper to go!:

I also have a bell sleeved high neck mini dress. It's done all but attaching the sleeves and the neck and the hem. I'd put a pic up, but quite frankly it doesn't look like much without the sleeves and the neck!

I'm trying to get as many things made as I can before I head back to London in a little less than a month, as I know I wont' be able to afford a sewing machine once I get there for a while! Speaking of machines, just a little hint to all: When using a domestic machine with a zig zag stitch in lieu of an overlocker, give it a break between edges. Otherwise they overheat. Apparently this is common. Who knew!? My Singer actually started smoking! Don't worry though, she's fine!

I've picked up some more great vintage patterns that I'll begin trying out later this week as soon as I finish the backlog I already have!...

This one's even got a hat pattern! I can't wait!!:

And there were even two early '60s maternity patterns. I figured, I'll no doubt need them at some point, right?

I've realised that I almost never do outfit posts, so I promise to do more in the future! Here's today's, kind of untypical for me, Betty Page inspired look:

Black silk knit top-$20 on sale-Express, years and years ago

Black and white gingham high waisted trousers-£10 on sale-H&M Divided, Camden, a couple of years ago

Belt-$7 on sale-Maurice's

1940's gold bangle-FREE-My grandmother's

1930's onyx and gold bangle-FREE-My grandmother's mother's

Mary Janes-£15-Dorothy Perkins last year...and they're on their last legs, but I can't find any that I like to replace them with!!

Yeah, I know, almost all the outfit posts I've ever done are looks other than '60s. Trust me though, the Betty bang is really just a once in a while kind of thing for me! You'll see when I start doing more of these!
Toodles, chickens!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A So-Cal Summer Road Trip, 1965.....

Hidee Ho, dolls! I found some travel brochures the other day from my Great-Grandmother. She was always on the go to some exotic location or another (Israel, Spain, Japan, Mexico....) even into the '80s when I was little. And she always kept postcards, brochures, and other paper memorabelia of her trips.
Here she is with one of her tour groups (fourth place on the right side of the table with the silver horn rims on) in Monterrey, Mexico at a restaurant called 'Santa Rosa' in the early 1960s.

The things I want to show you today, though, are of a trip she took in 1965 and are a little closer to home than she usually stayed, if the other side of the country can be considered close, that is.

She and some friends took a trip up the coast of Southern California that summer and I think it must've been just grand to have gone along for that road trip....

Apparently, they stopped off at the Pottery Shack in Laguna Beach. This is a postcard she'd kept:

Apparently, it's changed hands since then, but it's still there. It's now a little grouping of shops called The Old Pottery Place. The weird 'greeter' is still greeting too, by the way.

Then they made a stop in the 'Happiest Place on Earth', Disneyland.
1965 was the park's tencennial, having opened in 1955.

I don't think I want a piece of that cake....not after those darn candles have been stompping all over it!
Here's the brochure that my Great-Granny kept with the year's logo and a map of the park on the inside. I just love the blues and golds!:

Here's some more images of the park in the '60s...back when good old Uncle Walt was around and Disney was fabulous:

Having lived in the South as a kid, MY first Disney experience was with DisneyWORLD (I didn't get around to DisneyLAND until a bit later). I had two favourite rides. One of them, Mr Toad's Wild Ride, was in existence already at Disneyland when my Great-Grandmother visited three decades earlier ( I wonder if she went on it?)...

The other of my two faves was always the Haunted Mansion...there's just something about all those 'Grim, grinning ghosts'!! It wasn't open in '65, although the outside was complete by 1963. The inside mechanics would take another six years to finish. Here is is on it's opening day, 9 August, 1969.

My favourite Disney park show as a kid was always The Enchanted Tiki Room. In fact, I can still sing the 'Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room' song word for word. That's how many times my poor parents had to sit through it with me!! As I've mentioned before, I've been obsessed with birds since I was a baby!
Here's the Tiki Room today, for anyone who has never experienced it's sheer jollyness:

I'm sure that my Great-Grandmother visited it. It's right up her alley! Here it is around the time of her trip:

Wonder if she stayed at the Disneyland Hotel??

Here is a little fashion spread that was done in Disneyland in 1961:

From Disneyland, they traveled north to the fabulous Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park.
These are all from a menu booklet my great-grandmother kept:

Here are some more pics of Knott's (America's First Theme Park) in the the '60s:

Kind of reminds me of Dollywood!...or Silver Dollar City, if you were around pre Dolly!

All this makes me want to go on a road trip...only I'd need a DeLorean because NO WAY could it be as cool a road trip today as it must have been in '65!!