Monday, 26 March 2012

Gosh Golly! MORE New Patterns!!

Well, busy little bee that I am, I've not been sewing as much as I'd like since moving back to the States.:
I've been job hunting.
I've been doing loads of dog-sitting.
I've been running errands for absolutely everyone.
I've helped salvage much of my grandparents'/great-grandparents'/great-great-grandparents' house before it's demolition. So sad...but I got some great hardware goodies from the late '50s/early'60s when my grandmother remodeled the whole house (including terrif switch-plates, an early '60s--very shabby chic looking--medicine cabinet, gorgeous torch lamps, and the swankiest matching swag lights too.) Here's the house in the late '50s BEFORE the renovation:

And here's what the front looked like AFTER being renovated:

I've finally begun going through all the paperwork from my late grandmother's estate that my parents and I either didn't have time to go through when we sold the estate a year ago...or we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it yet..

And last but not least, I've been helping to plan the revival of the Old Oak Festival at Tusculum College. It was a big deal for almost twenty years...1975-1992. I grew up across the street from the campus and looked forward every year to the art and music festival. In fact, here I am as a 4 year old at the festival:

Any of you lovelies in the East Tennessee region, plan to pop in on the Old Oak Festival! It's April 19th-22nd.

In between all this, I've had very little chance to pop into local thrifties. But the few times I have, I've been pretty darn successful with patterns! Here's the latest haul:

This one only has the clown costume, but how cutie patootie is it!??

I'm DEFFO making this nautical jumpsuit...slightly shorter...for this spring/summer!

I'd forgotten I already have this one! Oh, well. Now I have two!...

This one, I found tossed in with some of my grandmother's papers...

Well. that's all I have time to post for the mo! Gotta get buzzing, loads to do! But I have lots more goodies to share soon!