Sunday, 23 January 2011

Joe Bonomo's Ten Beauty Commandments

Ooooops!!! Last night I accidentally deleted yesterday's post. It was late and quite frankly I couldn't bring my self to have a do over! So I'm posting twice today, sweet peas!

John Bonomo was a body builder who eventually went on to become an silent film actor, stuntman, and eventually a published personal trainer. He began producing motivational health and beauty manuals with names like Beautify Your Figure(1939), Good Healthkeeping, and Your Figure Beautiful.

The mini manual I have is called, Figure Ritual: for beautiful bust contour!
I know, hilarious!
It's a guide to a six week course that is meant to help women make their bodies more least that's what Joe says in the introduction...

There are all kinds of wacky excercises.....

Tips on things like improving your posture:

How to select a bra:

And my favourite, The Ten Beauty Commandments:

The booklet is too cute and the pictures are so glamourous and so '50s!!

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