Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bobbie Gentry - Niki Hoeky

Fat Tuesday is coming to a fast end, my dears!!! Have some king cake and listen to Bobbie Gentry.....


  1. Enjoyed my visit here...love the dolls.
    Oh and it was really surreal to see Bobbie Gentry...she is a first cousin of my ex-sister in law...met her when I was a teenager. She has virtully disapeared. I don't think my ex-SIL ever hears from her.

  2. Cheers for stopping by, my dear!
    I absolutely LOVE Bobbie!! When I was a kid, I very nearly wore out my mom's old 'Ode To Billy Joe' 45. She's got the most amazing voice and IMHO is one of the most talented female songwriters of the '60s. And she was an absolute KNOCKOUT as well!