Monday, 25 April 2011

Baby You Can Drive My Car...

I love old cars. I always have. My dad is the reason, really, as he always had vintage car magazines lying around that I'd get my mitts on as a kid and read front to back!
Needless to say, my dad knows a lot about old cars. He's one of those guys who can't sit through an old film...or an episode of Andy Griffith or Leave It To Beaver...without telling you the make and model of every car that comes on screen and relating a story about said auto. He's like an encyclopedia of vintage cars. So I was really proud when a conversation the other night provided me the rare opportunity to stump my father.
While sitting and discussing those oldies but goodies, I mentioned that my dream car as a little girl had been the Dodge La Femme. "I don't recall that. The Dodge what?", says my dad.
Oh my goodness, I've finally outmastered the master!!
So, I thought, "What a lovely idea for a post!"

The La Femme was only made for two years, 1955 and 1956. And she was a beauty! Made specifically for 'Her Majesty, The American Woman', the La Femme was a frothy pink stunner!

The Dodge Corporation hoped to cash in on the new wealth that was the aftermath of the Second World and Korean Wars. Families could now afford to buy a second car for mother and Dodge would give her the most fittingly feminine car that ever was...or ever will be.

Not only did the La Femme look the part on the outside (the 1955 being available in a pink and white combo called 'Heather Rose and Sapphire White' and the 1956 model available in two tones of pink called 'Regal Orchid and Misty Orchid') it also came with accessories and features specifically to suit a feminine driver.
Some of these features were a girly floral interior, matching purse and contents, raincoat, rainhat (a fisherman cap in '55 and a baseball type cap in '56) and umbrella, with slots behind the front seats for storing them.

Unfortunately, for those of us who would love to own one of these little cupcakes, they were discontinued after only 2 years and less than 2500 were made. Not only are they rare, but the accessories that made the car what it was are even rarer. Perhaps one day I'll own one, but it'll likely be so far down the road that my blue hair will be all that shows above the chintz of the front driver's seat!

My dad's currently working on finishing up a 1924 Model T that he and a friend are restoring. I'll try to get some pics of it from him and post them soon!
I've also informed him that, while I think the Model T is quite lovely, it's the next car in line for restoration that I'm interested in...his 1950 Ford coupe. Once the Model T is done, his time can be spent on this beauty....

The '50 in '66....

And today, waiting it's turn to be made gorgeous again....

I can't wait!!


  1. I've never been 'into' cars the way that some people are - but I must say I am actually swooning over this La Femme. I think a pale pink one has just become my number-2 most wanted (behind a periwinkle thunderbird of course haha)

  2. La Femme is like a pretty girl on a summer's day, made fairer because of its rarity. What would you do if your father finds the opportunity to restore one of those?

    Carson Wininger

  3. Nothing beats the essence of a vintage car! Anyway, how’s that old beauty over there? With a little waxing, it’ll surely turn out into a stunning, sleek coupĂ©. Have you repainted it with a new color?

    - Maria ^^