Friday, 29 April 2011

McQueen? More like McClintock. A Royal McLetdown.

I'm such a critic, my dears. It's just my little way. I call it like I see it, no matter who I'm tearing apart. Today is no exception.

I've yet to read anything other than blatent pandering, bottom kissing, or rose coloured opinions of Kate Middleton's McQueen bridal gown. Personally, I was sorely UNDERwhelmed.

It looked like she walked out of a 1980's wedding catalog from Sears...or JC Penney. Plus, the train was so short that at one point, while she was going up the steps into Westminster Abbey, I was sure that we were going to get a flash from little sis holding the inadequate caboose too high!

All in all, the dress just brought to mind visions of the 80' least for me.

Of course there are the comparisons to utterly lovely and positively regal, Grace Kelly, in her 1956 Helen Rose bridal ensemble. There is no comparison, I'm afraid. While Kate DOES look lovely, she didn't look royal. Even with the slight similarities in the dresses, the Helen Rose frock just ooooooozes 'couture', while the McQueen dress is quite pretty, but nothing special.

I don't know, my loves. Perhaps it's just me, but I was really expecting more. Not more dress...I mean, I knew it would likely be quite's just that I didn't get that "Oh my goodness how GORGEOUS!" feeling when she stepped out of the car. Instead, it was more like, "Oh, doesn't she look pretty". Which in a common every day wedding would be fine, but in this case I felt a bit let down.

On a MUCH brighter note, the Queen looked stunning in yellow! She was like a beautiful ray of sunshine. Especially with the pleats around the neckline of her perfectly tailored dress.

The biggest faux pas of the day (while generally attributed to Samantha Cameron for her lack of the requested headgear)... my opinion should go to Princess Beatrice for wearing that ridiculous bow on her head.

A lovely girl, but that lid is an absolute embarassment!

As for my early morning tea rags, my mate Jimmy and I forgot to take pictures! Not only that, but I didn't even get a photo of the lovely tea setup before we dug in! However, so as not to leave you too disappointed, I DID get a cute as a button photo of Patches the bear (who my mom and I have dressed for every season for years)greeting his guests on the landing in his finest royal wedding drag!

Patches is wearing:
Tiara-mine, from pageant when I was itty bitty
Veil-vintage 1970's curtain panel
Dress-old Austin Powers era (late '90s) Halloween costume
Bouquet-Vintage 1980s, caught by little ole me at my "big sister's" wedding...

....She was prettier than ANY princess, don't ya think?!


  1. Haha great post!! Loving patches there!! I'm not a fan of the royal family and today was a pain in my bum, I did get a day off but every channel showed the same poop and all the trash TV I originally wanted to watch had been taken off for this bloomin wedding!

    Great pics!


  2. As much as I need a job, I'm kind of glad I haven't found anything yet because I didn't really want to move back to London in the middle of this mess!! Transport and the like are ridiculous on a good day, I can only imagine the pain in the you-know-what it's been the last few days!
    Patches is the man! When we first got him, we needed something to put on the stairs and thought that a life size black bear cub would be cute and fit the theme of my parent's log house. Then I went and dressed him up for Easter one year as a laugh and created a monster!! Now that silly stuffed bear even has his own personal chest full of costumes.....We have way to much free time here in East Tennessee....

  3. I liked the dress, I thought she looked understated and beautiful...not too over the top. I think it will be timeless just like Princess Grace.
    However, what on earth was Princess Beatrice thinking? Is it just me or does he look like a cartoon character? The dress was okay..and Eugenie...she looked positively frumpy.
    But hey, that's just my opinion.