Friday, 27 May 2011

Gosh Golly Gee!

Sorry I've been absent for so long, my loves! My uncle was very ill and in ICU for a week and a half and then passed away last week, so it's been a bit crazy around here. I promise to get back to the grindstone and post often again now that things have settled down a bit! In the meantime, check out the snazzy vintage hat and granny boots I picked up at Goodwill during a quick 10 minute browse Friday afternoon:

I've been looking for a pair of grannies for AGES, but could never find a cheap pair!

I thought I'd take this photo in front of my Pocahontas print as the feather in my hat kind of mirrors the feather in her hair!

....$5.85 for both. Can't beat that! The shoes are about a half size too big, but who cares!? The hat, however, fits my head like it was made just for me! I bought it to sell without even trying it on, but I think this bad boy is staying in my closet and becoming my favourite hat. Yayyy!! As Patsy Stone said, "You can never have enough hats, gloves, and shoes."

I've been neglecting my usual '60s mod look in favour of a '40s set the last few days. I'm liking the results. Thankfully my "Beatle-bang", if curled and pinned just right so the longer edges actually appear shorter, are easily transformed into a pseudo "Betty-bang". Plus, I like how this set makes a very casual (it's getting too hot in Tennessee for anything but)outfit look more put together. I'm still a mod at heart though!

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