Monday, 20 June 2011

Such A Busy Little Bee....errr...Bird...1960s Fashion Fabulousness.

Hello my lovelies! I regret that I've been so scattered with my posting the last couple of months. I really do mean well, but I tend to get tied up or things come up. I have a load of great stuff to do share-zies with today though!

First off, I mentioned a while back that I've decided to do an Etsy shop. I've been collecting some goodies and am pleased to tell you that by the end of next weekend, I will have quite a few listings with more to come later on.

Here's a sneak peek at a few of my quick inventory pics (this is the reason quality is a bit shoddy!):

Mid '70s Gunne Sax Jacket-Medium

'70s Lilli Diamond Maxi Dress-Small

Late '50s/early '60s Full Girdle with Bullet Bra-40B

1980s Geo Print Blouse With Mega Shoulders-Medium/Large

'70s Yellow Madras Blazer and Oxford Bags Pantsuit-Medium

1960's Yellow Nubby Textured Skirt Set-Small/Medium

Kitschy Little 1970s Owl Wall Plaques

Gorgeous 1960s Black Leather Gloves-Medium

1950s Wool Suit Set-Small/Medium

1960s/'70s Tropical Print Maxi Dress, Puritan Forever Young-Small

.....and these aren't even the best pieces, just the ones I've gotten photogged for my inventory so far!

I've also been working feverishly on sizing some patterns. So far I've gotten half through a 1964 back-wrap dress...which is still giving me problems with gap in the back. It's still in two pieces and I'm afraid I'm going to have to recut and assemble the bodice...

This is what it will look like eventually...

I have finished one dress though! It was meant to be a toile for another experiment in sizing, but turned out really cute AND fits! Yayy!

I'll also be listing some vintage reproductions eventually....made from vintage fabrics and trimmings and even using vintage thread! I've found a treasure trove of 1960s/'70s awesomeness at one of the charity shops in my town. And would you believe they were having a half price sale? The best thing is that most of what they had was yardage, which is really unsual here in quilt country! Most of the time you only find tiny remnants or squares of '60s fun! Just about all of these are at the very least 1.5 yards...many are WAY more! Here's my haul:

I also picked up several poly's in solid colours: Dark grey, pale blue, white, lime green....

This is my most treasured find of the week. Three yards of pristine 1950's brolly patterned silk:

So, you see, I've been a busy little bee! I'll try to start posting regularly again!



  1. Wow, gorgeous finds!

    I've given you the Top Ten Award! Have fun with it. :)

  2. Thanks love! I'll do a post in the next week!

  3. I love the fabrics you've found! And that Lili Diamond dress... I mean, you almost have to throw a house party and wear a bouffant with a huge black velvet bow (late 60's Patti Boyd style) just do it justice. Or just because it's Tuesday. What a killer number!

  4. I know! I wish it fit me! Little too big and I hate to alter something that lovely! So I'll just pass it on to someone who can enjoy it!