Monday, 8 August 2011

Inspirational Dolly--Sharon Tate.....

August 9th is always a sad day for all us lovers of the '60s. Forty-two years ago tomorrow, my parents' generation lost what little bit of innocence they had left.
I've always been fascinated by the short, but fabulous life and career of Sharon Tate. Not only was she, in my well paid opinion, the most beautiful face of the sixties, she was also the embodiment of the 'beautiful' generation. Bohemian, free spirited, always cheerful, sweet tempered, and loving. Every year there are the usual specials about the horrible circumstances of August 9, 1969...but I prefer to remember this beautiful soul as she was before that dreadful night.

My favourite Sharon Tate film, 1967's 'The Fearless Vampire Killers', or 'Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck'. It was originally titled, Dance of the Vampires and was directed by and starring Sharon's future hubby, Roman Polanski. Roman had originally wanted Jill St. John to play the roll of Sarah, but reluctantly agreed to give in to his co-producer and cast Sharon (in a red wig) instead. I'm sure he never regretted that decision, both professionally and personally.

"She will always be young, she will always be beautiful..."

Sharon Tate January 24, 1943-August 9, 1969


  1. Beautiful collection of pictures.

  2. A lovely tribute to a lovely lady. My heart aches when I see her image