Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ad of the Day: Silver Dollar City--Ozark Country Dolls, 1974

To follow today's Applehead doll post, I give you more Appleheads along with an entirely new genus, Cornheads....not to be confused with Cabbageheads, Coneheads, or Cornballs.

This advert is from Silver Dollar City in Missouri. We had a Silver Dollar City in Tennessee too. I remember going there as a child in the early '80s. Here's some pics of me and the fam enjoying ourselves...I was about 3 years old at the time:

Notice that Daddy and I put Mom in the front to take the full fury of the Log Flume!

Mamaw and Pappy...geez, Pappy hasn't changed in almost 30 years!

Mmmm, cotton candy.....

My Grandmother in front of the waterfall

...Still going....

Not long after, Silver Dollar City closed. It was then bought by this pretty lady...

...who plopped her name (and my nick, by the way!) on it and turned it into an even more smashing place than before, as we Dolls are want to do.
I wonder if they have any Appleheads or Cornheads in any of the shops at Dollywood today?
....I truly hope not.


  1. I went to the Silver Dollar City in Tennessee in the early '80s too with my father and stepmother when they were living in Jonesboro. I remember the log flume ride, but also some sort of history boat ride. There was a re-enactment of some sort of fire and at the end the boat slid down a 30-foot drop. We went to SDC twice.