Saturday, 14 April 2012

Rosey Grier Tackles Needlepoint, 1975

Alright you crafty mamas, the doll has a rare treat for you today!

When a man takes up needlepoint, there will always be a few chuckles...unless that man is Rosey Grier.

I mean, would YOU laugh at one quarter of the original 'Fearsome Foursome'?? I sure wouldn't!

Rosey, the defensive tackle, had a legendary career in football.
Rosey also had a music career that began in the early '60s...

He was also the man who 'tackled' Sirhan Sirhan after Sirhan shot and killed Senator Robert Kennedy...

But, in the '70s, he became almost as famous for his needlepoint as his tackles. And why not? The man was quite good at it! So good that, among other things, he wrote a book on the subject...
...and, in 1974, even had one of his designs featured on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post....

Here's a great little skit with Rosie and the members of Sha-Na-Na where he promotes his needlepoint patterns....too funny!!

He was featured in a 1975 issue of Decorating and Craft Ideas and it's a must read! What a sweet, good natured, and super talented man he is! Here's the article in its entirety:

Isn't he the living end?! Rosey's turns 80 in July, and is now a minister and inspirational speaker...and what an inspirational guy he is!!

Hope everyone has a 'Rosey' weekend! And if you're in the East Tennessee region, don't forget the reason I'm doing these crafty '70s posts! weekend is the revival of the much beloved Old Oak Festival at Tusculum College in Greeneville!!!

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