Thursday, 13 January 2011

1960's Fashion Print: A Sourcebook

Today, moppets, I want to tell you about a darling little book that I think is smashing! I picked up 1960's Fashion Print: A Sourcebook By Marnie Fogg at the Beatles to Bowie Exhibition last year at the National Portrait Gallery. And I'm awfully glad I did!

It has gorgeous graphics and gives historical background of many print trends for the dacade. There are the expected Liberty prints, Marimekkos, Bibas, and Puccis. But what I enjoyed most was seeing prints from some of the less common names who gave the 1960's their style and identifying looks.
Here are some scans of my favourite prints from the book!

'Melooni'-Isola for Marimekko

'Tulip'-Alexander Henry Fabrics

Art Deco print by Natalie Gibson

Psychedelic flower print for Hardy Amies

Overall, the book is great. It gives a good feel for why certain patterns were important in the decade as well as which designers were using what type of print. I wish there had been a bit more focus on kitsch fabrics, as those are my personal favourites, and a little less time spent in the last chapter on Zandra Rhodes' feather prints. They're perfectly lovely, but not several pages worth of lovely.
I used this book to get some ideas when I was sorting out the colour palette of my final collection, so it was definitely worth the £16.99 I paid for it. I would suggest it to anyone who collects or reproduces garments from this period.

Anyone who wants to order one I found some on Amazon from between $12.95 and $16.47!

Love, loves!!

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