Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Betty White's Teen-Age Dance Book

Today lovelies, I simply MUST show you this!! It's a real hoot!
Betty White's Teen-Age Dance Book:

No, not THAT Betty White...although that would have made it even jollier! No, apparently, this Betty White was a dance teacher in New York in the fifties. The edition of the book I have is from 1958, and unfortunately in quite bad condition. But nevertheless it's still a great read and actually has some fantastic information in it! It tells you anything you could want to know about going to a dance from what to wear and how to act, to the actual dances themselves! It's a treasure trove for a vintage fashionista who also loves to dance! Here's some scans:

Here's a fun clip I found on Youtube!

As for the party itself, Betty suggests you be sure to do 'a last minute checkup for needles and an adequate supply of records'. And to also 'keep a supply on hand of more sentimental, croony numbers as conversation pieces. After all, your friends will want to sit down once in a while.' It also reminds you to have a place 'where girls can leave their wraps'.

I may post a few more of these dances later on, as I think they're terrific!



  1. wow thanks for sharing! thats awesome

  2. I have to admit, finding out that she's not that betty white was kind of a letdown..

  3. Yeah, the first time I picked it up I had this 'Oh my gosh' moment...then I turned it on the back and read that it was some dance teacher. Darn.

  4. I've been cleaning out the garage and came across the exact same book in my parents' collection. Just like you, at first I was thinking 'Betty White wrote a dance book?!' Then I flipped to the back and had that 'Awwwwe, it's not that Betty White' reaction. It was fun to flip through, though. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I took a ballroom dance course with this Betty White at Queens college in NYC during the 60's. She was quite elderly (or seemed so) but could dance me into the floor. As the only straight guy in the class (and there were only about 10 males in a class of more than 100) it was a heck of a fun time.

    Ms. White took a group of her favorite students to Tavern on the Green for what was described then as "The Champagne Hour" when there was an appropriate band and very elegant dancing.