Sunday, 2 January 2011

Charmed Circle: Avebury and 'Children of The Stones'

Originally published 21 April, 2010

Hello, my little dumplings! Thought you might like to be let in on a secret village that I've fallen in love with. It's a perfect place to go when you've had enough of London and need a day of fresh air....and even better, there is a bit of pop culture thrown in! Even though the pop is the 70's, I think you'll agree that this is a piece of heaven any 60's flower child would adore!

After turning in my final toiles for my Collections outfits, I took a much needed trip to the countryside. Avebury in Wiltshire is the most gorgeous place I've ever seen--outside of Tennessee, of course!--and home to the largest stone circle in Europe. As a child, I used to watch reruns of 'Children of the Stones', which was not only a scrumptious piece of 1970's science fiction, but also a feast of polyester and sideburns! After getting past the 'Mom, what are they wearing?' stage, four year old me looked forward to watching crosslegged in front of the telly in the lobby of the dance studio while waiting for my class to begin.

Over the years, I searched for the programme and finally found it on Youtube. I knew I had to see the village for myself, just to see if it was actually as atmospheric and beautiful as I had always thought....Avebury didn't disappoint. Beautiful, remote, and peaceful. The bee's is the fact that you can actually walk in the fields where the stones are, even go up and touch them. Try doing that at Stonehenge!

The local antique shop is run by the self proclaimed 'Oldest Rocker Amongst the Oldest Rocks in England'. As my dear Granny would have said, 'He's a real corker!' I bought some gifties for my mum there and we had dinner and far too many pints at the Red Lion while waiting for our bus.

The village is easy to get to by train from London. We left out of Paddington to Swindon. In Swindon, we took a bus to Avebury. The bus drops off and picks up right outside of the Red Lion every hour or so.

Hope you get a chance to visit!

Here's a picnic perfect playlist to get you in the mood:



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