Sunday, 2 January 2011

Vintage Interiors-1963

Hi Hi, Teapots!

While flipping through one of my vintage magazines, I found a few fab pages that I thought you might all like! The Magazine is Family Circle, the date is January 1963, and the article is Your Keys To Good Decorating:

By the early 1960's, sleek but traditional was the look prized by the average American housewife. Traditional and colonial pieces were often combined with modern, streamlined pieces to give an updated look that waved goodbye to the atomic, stylized 1950's.

Key colours were artichoke, avacado, gold, and saffron. Shag rugs came to prominance. Stripes and Swirls were paired with ethnic patterns. Postmodernism was finally beginning to rear its head in middle America.

Here's today's playlist, all top 40 tunes in '63:

So long, my little honeybees!


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