Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Dollybird: 'Colic' Collection

Afternoon, pumpkins!
I have my design portfolio on Wordpress, but wanted to at least put a couple of lovelies on here as they are not only vintage inspired, but also incorporate vintage textiles.
These images are from my Final Year Collections Show. It took place in May in Marylebone, London. 'Colic' is officially the first collection of my label, Dollybird. YAYYY!!!

My visual theme for the designs was Art Deco, both architecture and sculpture. There were, of course, elements of Mod as well. I think I ended up with a sort of Mary Quant meets Comme des Garçons in Metropolis, which I think is quite smashing.....What do you think?
The underlying theme was sustainable fashion...through the use of vintage textiles.
Sourcing fabric was a lot of work, but oodles of fun! Some were remnants of vintage dresses in my own closet that I’d altered, many of the lovely velvets used came from my grandmother’s collection of 1960′s textiles which I inherited…Cheers, Mama D, for being such a glorious and glamourous packrat!…while others were sourced from vintage textile and housewares shops around London. All the accessories, including shoes, were made of various knitwear sourced from second hand and vintage shops in Camden.

Because the lines were quite harsh, I chose a warm colour palette of oranges, pinks, and reds splashed with gold, black and white.

To continue the theme of sustainability, many of the garments are reversible...too bad you can't see it in the piccy wics! Also, many were designed in a way that one size will fit many closet share-zies are poss!

Here are some pics of me wearing the mod dress and cape at the Schön! Magazine launch:

To watch the whole show, go to

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