Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I've Just Seen A Face I Can't Forget...

Well poppits, I've decided that I wanted to share a small piece of my Beatles collection today....some Beatles bubblegum cards.
The first card, is part of the first series black and white. The back is white except for a blue box with the card # and the Topps logo. All the others are from the 'Beatles Color Card' series and have fun quotes from the boys on the back. Both sets were released by Topps in 1964.

I'd quite like to get more of these! Ever on the lookout!


  1. Hello. Your blog is delightful!!! :)

  2. Love your blog. I wish i was a 60s girl lol.have a seen the Beatles tribute band 'them Beatles' they're amazing.

  3. I love 'fake' Beatles!! They're better than Elvis impersonators!....except for that female Elvis impersonator i saw once, she was pretty fantastic! There's an idea, maybe I could start an all girl Beatle tribute band! I think I might! ;)