Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sew Ready For Spring, 1963

Hi ho, my dears! It's been snowing again and quite frankly, it's beginning to cease being pretty. I don't know about you lot, but I'm very ready for spring to hurry it's little way along. It isn't that I don't like winter. I love it. It's nice to be inside all cozy while powdered sugar falls outside the windows. It's lovely to bundle up and make use of all those capes, stoles, and coats. Things that during warmer months just sit, neglected and forgotten, at the back of the closet.
As lovely as winter can be, my mind is racing towards spring. This article from 1963 has brightened my mood a bit:

This past Saturday, I had a DAR meeting. As I was already out and about I decided to make it a thrifting day. I didn't really have the best of luck as far as quantity goes, but I did find a few nice things...and only spent $11.
Here are a couple of fabrics I found for a dollar a yard. Lovely late '60's-early '70s polyesters. Not really springy, but nice.

I also found a cute plaid wool mini skirt from the same period as well as a cutsie blue and white checkered button up, that is just too Twiggy for words! I'll post these up soon!
I began taking up a maxi skirt I bought earlier....well, I've measured and cut the excess anyway. I'll most likely get to the actual hem this weekend. Here's the remnant, which in going from a maxi to a mini gives me a good amount of extra fabric. It's a gorg print of flowers and leaves that I adore! I may use it for cuffs or a collar on a dress or maybe another skirt in the future or something...

So long for today, bumblebees!

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  1. Love the fabric on the maxi-to-mini project! You'll have to post the results soon, the suspense is high. :)