Monday, 7 February 2011

Catching Up!

Right, so I know I've been neglectful of my blog the past week! Sorry bout that, chickens! I've been busy...and still am...helping my mom plan my Pappy's 90th birthday party and getting everything sorted for my new visa application so I can 'get back to where I once belonged', London.
Anyway, I did a bit of shopping yesterday. It was freezing so the flea market in Jonesborough wasn't exactly packed with shoppers or vendors either for that matter!
I wore my cute black and white Office shoes and nearly froze my little toes clean off!!

Even so I was able to find a single great piece, which is always worth it!
My new-old vintage '60s basket purse:

It's quite Brigitte Bardot and will be even more so when I add one of my vintage fruit picks to the loop in the latch! I'd been looking for a nice one for ages and ages, so when I saw this one on a lady's table I of course went straight for it! At only $1, I couldn't pass it up, now could I?
Apparently the woman I bought it from smokes like a chimney, as that's exactly what the purse smelled like! Ewww. It was a bit dirty as well so I used a little detergent and a soft brush on my new lovely. Once that was done, it was bright white still smells of fags, but now it's fags mixed with detergent! So it's been stuffed and wrapped with newsprint and a couple of dryer sheets (Dolly's household hint of the day for removing nasty odors from things) and tied in a small plastic bag. It should be right as rain in a few days! Even if I find a nicer one, this one will do for the time being. It's so spring-ish! Now I need some actual spring!!



  1. An absolute bargain!! and a really pretty bag
    well done you lil bargain hunter lol

  2. That's a steal of a deal you got on that purse, even if it does smell. >D It's adorable!

  3. Update!: The smell is SLOWLY leaving the poor little thing! I hope it hurries as I really want to use that purse!!