Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vintage Sheet Music: Late '60s-early '70s edition...

Hello dearies!
Your beloved narrator is an addict. My drug of choice is vintage. Although the 60s are my 'gateway drug' and my go-to style, I must confess to being a collector of pretty much anything of interest from the 1920s-the mid '70s. I've titled this post "Late '60s-early '70s edition" because I'm sure at some point I'll be sharing more of my sheet music collection from other periods as well!
I absolutely adore old sheet music. They are often works of art...in fact, I have plans to frame a few of these once I move back to LDN. I love the colours, the artist photos, the layouts...all of it!

Here are some scans...unfortunately my scanner isn't A3, so it cuts bits off of a few of them!

PS...I'd like to dedicate the Glen Campbell to my old flatmate, Heidy. For some reason every now and again she'd spontaneously break into, "Like a rhinestone cowboy...."!

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