Friday, 8 April 2011

Digging the 60's and 70's...Out of My Mom's Old Dresser Drawers....

As promised, my little rosebuds, here are pics of the stash of my mom's old chokers that I found at my Pappy's yesterday!
But first, a little pic of my mom and dad on their first date in 1971, which was around the time she would have been wearing these lovelies!...I wish she still had the necklace she's got on in the's absolutely brill!

I found this necklace as well, under the pile of chokers.... well as a half full bottle of Vanda 'Captiva' perfume that had also belonged to mom!....

I've tried looking up 'Captiva' as well as Vanda, the company that made it to find out more about joy. Must not have been too popular or made in mass quantities for any period of time. Anyone who knows anything about either the company or the perfume, let me know!

Happy weekend, poppits!!!

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