Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thursday Quickie!!

Right, my dears! I've been helping my Pappy with his spring cleaning all day and just got home and did dinn-dinns.
While making room for things in the guest bedroom, I was cleaning out a drawer in what was my mother's dresser in the mid '60s through the early '70s. Under an old newspaper, I found a mound of what looked like fabric trim and ribbons. My mom came in just as I was lifting the pile out and said, "Oh my god, look! It's all my old chokers!!"
That's right kids. Late sixties Boho Gothic at it's best! EIGHT of them! a super '70s silver fringe necklace and a little bottle of the perfume my mom used to wear back then, 'Captiva'!
I'm too tired to stay up and photo my new lovelies, but I promise to post some pics tomozzzzzz!!!!


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