Monday, 18 July 2011

Kathy 'Bobo' Bates - And Even The Horses Had Wings

From the 1971 film, Taking Off. Lovely little ditty that Kath apparently wrote herself. Kind of Buffy Sainte-Marie meets Janis Ian, in other words, smashingly gorgeous!


  1. Cool, never heard of this flick - will have to hunt it down! x

  2. You'll LOVE it! Great 'generation gap' film. It revolves around this girl who runs away from home and how her parents (and their friends) react to it. I had heard of it but never seen it until it was on the Retro Movie Channel the other day. I had no idea Kathy Bates was in it though. When she popped up on screen I let out a little squeal! I think she's fab!....and she's from Tennessee, so of course that makes her extra special! ;-D