Thursday, 7 July 2011

More Vintage '50s and '60s Patterns=More Work For Dolly.....

Today, my little sweet peas, I went on a short get some hair colour...and took a little side trip to a local antique shop on a hunch I might find something interesting. SCORE! I found a box of vintage patterns, all for $1 each. Here's what I got:

I think my favourite is the little boat neck wiggle dress shown in red or stripes. And i really love the jumpsuit too! The great '50s patterns will be great to mix and match pattern pieces and I'm for sure adding a waistband to the skirt of the fourth dress to make that hard-to-find '50s circle skirt pattern.

There were some great finds, but as I had limited myself to $10, I left a few behind. If they still nag my dreams through the weekend, I'll probably go back for them!

I also swung quickly by a little 'Jesus Thrifty' that I used to go to all the time. I've bought so much cheap late '60s and early '70s there, but I hadn't been in for three or four months. BIG disappointment. You thrifty retro sweeties know what I'm talking about: When a thrift store decides to start marking the vintage pieces in between all the cast off Old Navy and Wal Mart junk WAY up? Probably my fault too for buying armloads of it at a time, but really???
They had some cute early '70s wrap pants which, while they were a quick fad that are now rare as all get out, aren't worth me forking out $8. I'll just be happy with the super psychedelic pair I was given (for FREEBIES)from a lady I buy the occasional bolt of vintage fabric from.
They also were still sitting on a sweet little round box purse from the '70s with the requisite mushrooms decoupaged all over. I've wanted it for ages, but they always had it at $30...$30 for ANYTHING but a fur coat in a thrift store is just insane and this purse would only be about a $15 item even on Etsy or Ebay.
Well they had marked it down to $20, but even that is still above full blown retail for those little babies. Needless to say, they can keep it....along with a cute pair of '40s lamps, $50 my behind!
They had some patterns too, but nothing great...mostly '80s sailor dresses and jumper dresses...and at DOUBLE the price I'd just payed for proper vintage at the actual antique store minutes earlier.
Guess I know where I won't be going back to. Oh well. There's a new one really close to my house that I've yet to pop into. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. Thrift store highway robbery can be so frustrating. The only time I ever "gave in" to a psychotically high priced (ie, over $10) item was a British Guard vase/ashtray (exactly like this one, except cleaner), tagged at $22, which... ah, I just couldn't live without him. But it does make you resent the price makers!

    Nice score on all the patterns! The jump suit one with the boots put me immediately in mind, with a few key modifications and knee high laceup platform boots, of Ziggy Stardust era bowie...I sense a Halloween costume to end all Halloween costumes... do tell what you end up sewing when you do!