Saturday, 2 July 2011

Vintage '60s Fashion Patterns!

Hello my little dolls!!

I've been trying to get some things properly photogged for Etsy, but can't get anyone to actually take the bloody things. Quite annoying, but whatever. In the meantime, I'm doing some more toiles of some vintage patterns. The latest one is a perfect example of why.
This pattern for 1950s slim trousers looks VERY slim if you're going by the sketch:

In reality, once I got them together they look more like this:

Add to that they're far to small for me...25 waist my i've added an inch to them at the waist and tapered the legs down by 2 inches as well as adding an extend tab waistband, which the inside sketch shows and the directions allude to, but which isn't figured into the original pattern....go figure? Going to put the new pieces together tomorrow and if this alteration works out, I'll be sizing the final result for some lovely slim/cigarette trousers to make for my eventual Etsy shop.

I 've picked up some fab patterns lately as well as all the lovely '60s and '70s fabric I posted the other day. Some of the packages are a bit rough, but the patterns are complete and clean!...and they were only 5 cents each!
Here's some of the best ones:

Can't wait to make some of these in vintage fabrics for sale!

I'll keep you posted!

DB x

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  1. wow, this blog is soo cool! guess, i sew my dress (add-ons)tonight after knowing the handy sewing machine works!...i wish to hv my own real sewing machine, i got a bunch of large2x and long2x vintage dresses to alter for my S sz!=)these patterns are like food!