Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Gypsy Glad Rags For High Fashion Nomads": 1967, Look Magazine

Look Magazine, 1967.


"At Romany banquet, Mirella, with fowl in her lap, wears vivid blouse and skirt of silk jersey and cotton; Isa, with bird in hand, a pajama of printed cotton jersey."

"Hitting the hay the gypsy way, Mirella in silk-organdy ruffled pajamas, mini-blouse. Pablo used dark body makeup, buffed to a sheen, bronze base with pink-brown blusher on face, silvered lipstick."

"Mirella swirls to off-camera gypsy violins in a skirt of fiery scarves worn low on hips and suspended from a jeweled chain belt. Another scarf and a bib of beads top her supple bronzed midriff."

"According to Ian Yoors, whose book The Gypsies was published by Simon and Schuster early this month, the wandering Rom have a saying: yekka buliasa nashti beshes pe done grastende (with one behind, you cannot sit on two horses). Straight-arrow Isa demonstrates. Her polka-dot blouse knots povocatively above enourmous Romany-striped cotton skirt."

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