Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year Darlings!!...and a Happy Diana Dors too!!

Heyup, you lovely lovelies, you! Sozzles for my absence for so very long, but things got quite busy the end of the year. I moved back to The Smoke in November and have been neglecting you sweety pies! No longer, I tell you!

My first post of the year shall be a vintage inspiration post.....

I've recently become slightly obsessed with an early/mid '70s British telly program called 'Thriller'. It's quite good and I highly recommend it to all you vintage lovin' mamas and papas. Well, last night's installment was entitled "Nurse Will Make It Better" or "The Devil's Web". It first aired in 1975 and starred the fantabulous Diana Dors as the nurse from hell...literally.

Even through the haggish makeup, you can see the beauty that earned her the nickname, 'The English Marilyn Monroe'.

Here's a little gallery showing her smoking hot highness in action. Warning: Major vintage hair inspirations following....


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  1. So gorge. Did she ever play Marilyn in any role? She looks a ton like her in a lot of those pictures. I appreciate your love for the retro. I myself am nostalgic for eras long before my time. I like your blog, VERY original theme. Keep it up - I'm tuning in xx Alex