Saturday, 11 February 2012

Inspirational Dolly: Hayley Mills

I've always been a massive fan of Hayley Mills. Remember, my loves, when the Disney Channel was fabulous and played all those glorious classic Disney films...especially on Saturday afternoons? Ahhh, the good ole days!

Of course, my first Hayley film was Pollyanna. Whose wasn't?......

Ever since, I've thought she was simply fantastic in every film I've seen her in. Here's a little sample of Hayley's looks through the '60s.....

My FAVOURITE Hayley film of all time is The Parent Trap!

Here's the best part of the whole film...well, in my little word it is anyway!....

How much do I want those purses behind her in the photo on the left??? Sometime I wish I had a pot 'o money and a time machine!

While most of you have probably seen That Darn Cat, Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, The Moon Spinners, etc, etc...I find that many of her best performances are almost unknown amongst most people I know.

My top three underrated Hayley films that I recommend to one and all with piccies and clips to tantalize and convince you to see them (or see them again!)......

The Chalk Garden, 1964:

In it, Hayley plays the most vicious little brat you could ever imagine! I mean, I've never thought I could ever HATE a character that sweety pie Hayley played! But boy, oh boy is Laurel a nightmare!

For this one, you get the whole film! Lucky you!

Next up, is Twisted Nerve, 1968......

Ok, so our beloved heroine is again beloved and sweet as can be in this gem of a thriller. Unfortunately, Martin/Georgie (played ever so creepy-like by Hywel Bennett) isn't. And he's got his sights set on her. For all you kids who were spooked by Daryl Hannah's whistling in Kill Bill and Tate's whistling in American Horror Story, you ain't seen nothing till you've seen the original whistle......

Yes, To Sir With Love fans, that's "Mister smarty Denham" in the second clip as Hayley's boyfriend!

The third and final is the only Hayley movie that I officially own (on dvd, that is):

The Trouble With Angels, 1966....

The phrase, "running with the wrong people" certainly applies to Rachel, played by June Harding. And the phrase, "bad influence" applies to Mary Clancy, played by Hayley. They get into more trouble in a day than most of us did in our entire girlhood! Not only do you get a fab performance by Hayley, but for no additional $$, you get Rosalind Russell and, the creme de la creme.....Gypsy Rose Lee in a cameo as St. Francis Academy's dance teacher, Mrs. Phipps!

Killer hat, dontcha think?!

Hayley is one of those celebrity kids...but she's a celebrity kid that would have made it without the name of her celeb father, Sir John Mills, behind her. More importantly, she's a perfect 1960's dollybird.

Do you cupcakes have a favourite Hayley film?


  1. I LOVED "Twisted Nerve"... all the more so for tiny, tiny Hayley Mill's tiny, tiny minidresses and other mod fashion concoctions. The girl can WEAR a floppy felt hat. She and the "Georgie" actor were in another movie called "The Family Way" together but I haven't been able to track it down.

    Great pics, great post!

  2. I've not seen The Family Way either, but have wanted to for ages. I'm such a pushover for those '60s British 'Life Dramas'!

  3. Tiger Bay is spectacular!