Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cine-speration---The Wilderness Family, 1975

Yesterday Encore Family had a showing of The Wilderness Family trilogy from the mid-late '70s. I hadn't watched it in years! Would you believe I still remembered the names of the characters after all this time??!!
It's the story of a family who are tired of the city and the smog and the rat race. They move to an isolated cabin in the Rocky Mountains where their only neighbours are some wild animals and an old hermit named Boomer and his mule.
As a child, I always thought the Robinsons got WAY too much credit for being 'mountaineers' and that impression is still with me today. I mean, let's face it kiddles, they wouldn't have lasted more than a week without their poor dog or Samson the bear saving their kandy keisters konstantly!

Anyway, I love the way they 'cashed-in' on the hippie/prairie/country vibe....although they were kind of at the end of it!

As I've mentioned in a previous post, the Old Oak Festival is being revived in my hometown in April and it was quite the hippie fest back when it began in 1975, pushing homespun arts and crafts as well as music!! The Robinsons would have LOVED it!

These guys were always there...even when I was little in the '80s! Wonder if they're still around??

The seventies were all about going back to the land and the pioneer spirit! Patchwork, 'calico' prints, maxi-dresses, and ruffles.....I'm thinking of making this my signature look for this spring!

These were photogged by the late, great Irving Penn in the late '60s:

Here's some mid '70s catalog pages and patterns for some extra inspiration:

Some musical inspiration :

(note...there were LOADS more songs on this playlist, but thanks to SMI some of them wouldn't play...and then each time I loaded it less and less would play. If they don't want free publicity for their artists, I guess they won't get it. I can't count the # of times I've discovered AND BOUGHT new music through people posting playlists...their loss...twats...)

Some vintage designer inspiration:

1970's Angela Gore maxi dress

Gorgeous Klimt dress by Giorgio di Sant' Angelo from his A/W 1969 collection (I'm officially making a copy of this....SOOOOON!)

Catherine Buckley....very Holly Hobbie-esque!

And speaking of Holly Hobbie, what 1970's, patchwork, calico, maxi dress post would be complete without her??

Love the dresses! Not so much the bonnets though!
.....One more shameless Tusculum College Old Oak Festival plug: If you're like Holly Hobbie and into quilts and patchwork, there will be an absolutely HUGE quilt show in the Niswonger Commons as part of the festival. Should be smashing!

Shopping these looks:

1. Vintage Wooden Owl Necklace--TrinityBejeweled@etsy--$12.00, 2. Brown Wedge Sandal--H&M--$39.95, 3. Light Brown Beaded Sandals--River Island--£28.00, 4. Red Studded Maxi Dress--Dorothy Perkins--$55.00, 5. Vintage 1970's Macrame Necklace Pattern--2ndlookvintage@etsy--$4.00, 6. Vintage 1970's Rust Lambskin A-Line Maxi Skirt--newwavenatives@etsy--$38.00, 7. Vintage 1970's Wood and Metal Belt--RedBarnRetro@etsy--$20.00, 8. Vintage 1970's Wooden Beaded Purse--Simca10@etsy--$25.00, 9. Violet Midi Shirt Dress--Topshop--$110.00

1. Vintage 1970's Patchwork Maxi--bloomingsoul@etsy--$48.00, 2. Vintage granny boots--FoxyBritVintage@etsy--$61.20, 3. Vintage Holly Hobbie-ish brooch/pendant--AntiqueAddictions@etsy--$22.99, 4. Mixed Print Maxi Skirt--Forever 21--$19.80, 5. Floral Purse--New Look--£9.99, 6. Daisy Print Wide Brim Hat--Zara--$19.90, 7. Folk Ditsy Bikini--Cath Kidston--$52.00

1. Grey Strawberry Thief Silk Neckerchief--Liberty London--£95.00, 2. Vintage Floral Woven Straw Bag--heyhoney@etsy--$20.00, 3. Strapless Floral Maxi Dress--Forever 21--$24.80, 4. Vintage Floral Transfer Pendant--OodlesOfBling@etsy--$11.00, 5. Embellished 'Snoop' Wedge--Irregular Choice--$185.00, 6. Vintage Embroidered Locket--WillowAndQuinn@etsy--$54.00, 7. Vintage '70s Leather Clogs--TheOldWell@etsy--$40.00, 8. Kimchi Tooled Floral Checkbook Wallet--Urban Outfitters--$20.00, 9. Contrast Floral Dress--Forever 21--$24.80, 10. Ditsy Floral Chambray--Delia*s--$39.50

.....Think I may stay on this 70's bent for the next few days!....or weeks!!

Ta, Dolls!

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  1. What an informative post on Holly Hobby, "prairie folk" style. I mean, you have got it DOWN! Looking forward to seeing what kind of ensembles you dish out for your summer looks, I know they're going to be fabulous!