Monday, 9 April 2012

Sophisicated(?) Seventies Patchwork, 1975

Hey, hey, hey my little pigeons! Are you ready for a little change....for a couple of weeks anyway? I've decided that, in the run up to the Old Oak Festival at Tusculum College in my hometown of Greeneville, Tennessee, I'm going to focus on great mid 1970's (the festival originally began in 1975) artsy-craftsy lovelieness! From patchwork decorating to applique fashion to making apple dolls!! You'll be getting at least a post per day, sometimes more! Now, doesn't that sound fun? And don't worry, the '60s will be back in full force here at DollyBird Vintage soon after!

First, for today, 'Sophisticated Patchwork' from a 1975 Crafting magazine. I don't know if I'd call it 'sophisticated' myself, but it sure is fun! Enjoy and get to work crafting, my little Holly Hobbie wannabes!

Everyone, meet our new friend Wendy....

(ok, so it's a different spelling, but did you like how I injected a little '60s fabulousness in here just so my fellow little mod dolls wouldn't feel too lost?)

....Wendy, is going to show us just how fun mathematics can be when used along with patchwork to make a super '70s table setting....

...A patchwork apron... some cute quilty placemats... a couple of patriotic potholders... a pot of fabulous fabric flowers...

...equals one snazzy seventies dinner party!!!We're told that, "Wendy models her patchwork apron as she serves dinner with her patchwork potholders. Placemats and fabric floral centerpiece are also her creations." Well done, Wendy.

Now, for you crafty critters out there, here's a loverly little 'how to' for that crazy centerpiece:

You will need:
Assorted Fabrics
26 Guage Wire for wrapping
16 Gauge Wire for stems
Green Floral Tape
Ball Fringe
White Glue

1. Cut a piece of fabric large enough for 5 petals per flower. Soak the fabric in a mixture of one part glue to 3 parts water. Hang to dry. Do not iron. Cut petals in desired shape and size.

2. Attach a ball from the fringe to 16 gauge wire with floral tape.

3. Add petals one by one with spool wire--winding wire after each addition. Wind excess wire around stem.

4. Cover exposed wire at base of flowers with floral tape.

I may actually try making some of these! I remember several of my mom's friends having them in their houses when I was really little back in the '80s. I also seem to recall them being sold by a crafter at one of the Old Oak Festivals when I was a kid. Would be super for a little girl's room...maybe I'll make a vase-full for my soon to be born 'niece', Aspen....she'll be here any day now!!


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