Friday, 31 August 2012

'For Fall, Sew Your Favorite Silhouette', 1962

Ok, so the dress is lovely, the pattern is lovely....but I can't take my little peepers off that paneling in the background! Whooosh!

Yet again, the dress kind of takes a backseat to that wall hanging! Be still my heart!
Loving this jacket! I do believe I have a pattern for one like this...somewhere...

This is just the best pic of the bunch, don't you think? The dress! The hat! The jacket! The charm bracelet! The gloves! All of which are completely outshined by the wallpaper border(?) in the background! I WANT a wallpaper border like this! I mean, I NEED it! Really!


  1. Hello. I wanted to see about buying your Simplicity 1977 magazine with Janice on the cover. Would you be willing to sell it?

  2. It's one of my prize possessions, I'm afraid. I just couldn't part with it.