Monday, 11 February 2013

Gotcha Covered!...Broyhill Sculptra Chairs Get 'Dolled' Up!

Well dahlinks, I've gotten my new old dining room chairs recovered in that smash smash fabric I showed you the other day!  They look amazing, don't you fink?

Please forgive the truly annoying and random quality of the photos!  My camera is really weird about taking pics at night, even with the night setting on!

Case in point:  This photo was taken within seconds of the first, yet the lighting is perfect.
And yes, that is the original early '70s white on white fake stone laminate in the entryway!  Isn't it just tacky fab??  I luuuuuurve it!  And I'd love to keep it, but it's beginning to discolour ever so slightly in spots so it'll likely go with the 'Ugliest Carpet In the Free World' and the horrible early '90s laminate in the kitchen (which is waaaay more discoloured and proves that stuff in the '70s on back was much better and longer lived than the crap they've been producing for the last 20 years or so).  Maybe I can find some old stock or some new and similar to replace it?  Any of you lovelies have any ideas?

Chairs that Jackson Pollock would be pleased to have din dins on, I reckon!

Pip Pip Cheerio was not impressed by the whole event and passed out after the first chair was done....

I found the stamps on the bottom of the chairs and, if I'm reading the numbers correctly, I believe this set was made in September of 1958.  That would make it VERY early (second year) of the Sculptra collection!
Here's an inspirational Sculptra image!  God, how I love this set!  I'm actually beginning to love it as much, if not more than my much coveted Brasilia!

Head on over and visit Pam on Retro Renovation to read more on Sculptra AND Brasilia!...or just to read up on more mid century fabulousness!  Best blog EVER!



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