Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So Long Boring Brown '80s Microwave! Hello, Groovy Flower Power '60s Microwave!!

Hello loves!  I've been on a project this morning and it turned out so smash smash that I had to share!

Say hello to my newly made over Microwave!...and me...reflected in the toaster...in my Scottie pj's! Ha!

This massive waste of space was not only bulky, but brown (gaaahhh the horror!) before.

It took up way too much room to be so dark and muddy.  After all, this is a Brady Bunch Orange Kitchen!!  So, as I'm pretty well skint...as you could probably tell from the way I balked at first at the $200 price tag on my Sculptra dining room...I can't buy a new one and have to make do.

I bought some flower power wrapping paper at Michael's not long ago for a project of redoing some old TV trays that I've not been able to start on yet as I need warmer, dryer days in order to paint.  As I have plenty, I decided to use some of it to cover the micro!

At first, I thought I'd just decoupage the blasted thing....and I still might!...but as it's technically my grandfather's and my mom thinks brown and almond and beige and off white are the only acceptable decor colours, I didn't want to do anything permanent...yet.

So, here's what I did:

1.  Measured the entire area that was to be covered and added a little extra (about a centimeter to each edge.
2.  Squared up the paper then tapped one side edge underneath all the way across.
3.  Began slowly taping (rolling my tape pieces to make them sticky on both sides) the edge up to the top.
4.  Be sure to put tape roll under the top edge!
5.  Do the same to the top edge and the other side edge, smoothing out as you go.
6.  Now tape the bottom of the other side just as you did the first side in step 2.
7.  Continue up the back, top, and other side, folding the extra paper at the corners.
8.  Be sure not to cover any vents!  Cut the paper and tape to avoid this if you have to!


To answer a couple of questions I know will arise:  I didn't go the easy route and just use stick on shelf liner instead of paper for two reasons.  1.  It's been known to take paint off when you remove it.  2.  When was the last time you've seen shelf liner in anything but boresville, bland, timid prints and patterns?  I wanted colour!  Obnoxious colour!!
The second, as to why I used regular tape rolled instead of double sided...Simple.  It's easier to pull off without damaging the paper if I ever want to do a permanent decoupage job of this!

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