Friday, 1 March 2013

Vintage Crush: Davy Jones---The Monkee Knack...And How To Get It

It's hard to believe it's been a whole year since the death of one of the most dearly loved, adorable, sugary sweet, and of course TALENTED performers of the 1960's!  I just HAVE to do a 'Vintage Crush' post in his honour.
Davy Jones was one of my first vintage crushes and probably one of the reasons I'm so addicted to the '60s as an adult.
When I was a little girly, no bigger than a breadbox, I used to be absolutely glued to the telly and Nick At Nite.  For anyone who missed this relic of the '80s and early '90s that eventually lead to the TV Land Channel (which has since gone the route of uselessness, btw), you really missed out on something good.  I mean, honestly!  They had all the best stuff:  The Honeymooners, Andy Griffith, The Patty Duke Show (I still have EVERY episode on VHS that I recorded way back then!), Laugh In, Mr. Ed, Flip Wilson, etc, etc, etc.  But the one show I never missed was The Monkees.
Micky, Mike, Peter, and Davy made my heart happy!  And Davy just made my tiny little 8 year old heart swoon!  It was love.  Really, it was!  I swear!  Check out these faint-worthy shots and tell me I didn't have great taste in men at an early age....













And that appearance on The Brady Bunch!  "Girl, look what you've done to me..."  Pure unadulterated "SQUEEEEE!!!"

Of course all four of the lads were lovely and gorgeous.....



I remember my cousin and I would pretend that we were dating Monkees.  Mine was Davy, of course.  She was in love with Peter, which proves that good taste in men runs in the family!

Want to dress like Davy?  Here's how, and you don't even have to leave Etsy to do it!:

Vintage brown and harvest gold turtleneck....

Full Fashioned Striped Turtleneck
....from dbra

Or this one...
Vintage 60s Top / Art Nouveau Print / 1960s Blouse / S M
 ...from SmallEarthVintage

 How about a caftan style top?
This one...
70s Boho Dashiki Caftan Top Purple Bell Sleeve Tunic Ethnic Blouse from MetricMod

...and this one....
1960's Embroidered velvet tunic top. Blue velvet with metallic gold embroidery, wide bell sleeves. 
....from atlasfalcon

Add some love beads....
Buncha Beads - 3 Vintage 60s Super Long Mod Beaded Necklaces in Yellow & Orange, Mix and Match Lot, 4.5 Feet Long for Looping or Tying 
Vintage Beaded Hippie Boho Necklace...Wood Bead Necklace 

Top it all off with a hat that pays homage to the 'Manchester Cowboy'...

Black Corduroy Cowboy Hat with Gray and White Woven Hatband & Feathers - Gifts For Him - Under 50 
I love this corduroy one from PassionFlowerVintage!

And don't forget your tam....
Wood tambourine
...from BrightwoodLane

And your maracas....
Vintage Wooden Maracas Musical Instrument Palm Tree Scene
from vintagesouthwest

Or, if it's Monkeelicious pad decor you're after, try some of these:

These NOS bed linens from VintageByVaughn...
PAIR...Vintage 1960's Striped Bed Sheets Flat & Fitted NIP Unused 
...are reminiscent of the background of the show's music segments:


How about these masks the wall behind your drum set....
Vintage Wood Masks / Decorative arts / wall hangings

Maybe some vintage crewel...

spring sale // Vintage 60s Needlepoint Owl Proverb Wall Hanging - Crewel - Framed - Mod Kitsch 

Vintage Framed Hand Crewel/Embroidered Welcome Wall Hanging - Lovely 

You can even have your very own winding metal staircase...
Vintage Indoor/Outdoor Stairstep Heavy Metal Plant/Shelf Hanging

And if it's memorabilia you're after, my loves, well there are these little snippets....

1966 Monkees Hand Puppet 
Is it just me, or does Micky (I'm assuming the one on the left is the Mickster!) look like a less creepy Lady Elaine?
...or maybe not...

What about this groovy recycled single-turned-ticktocker....

The MONKEES Pleasant Valley Sunday - Recycled Record Clock 7" 45rpm 
...from ItsOurEarth

Pretty little mustard colour badge pin
1967 MONKEES Pinback guitar
....from GirlyQVintage

Monkees thermos for keeping your acid-laced Kool-Aid in (HEY, did you see 'Head'???)...
1967 Vintage Monkees Metal Thermos 
....from kitschnswell

Vintage DIG Magazine from 1968 with an article on 'Davy's Secret Luv'...
DIG The Original Teenage Magazine May 1968 vintage magazine 
...available from AtticEmporium
I don't know who the 'Secret Luv' was, but I can tell ya that this fangirl is jealous even today...and regardless of the fact that I wasn't even alive in 1968!

I'll leave you with some of my favourite Monkee clips,starring Davy....

RIP, Manchester Cowboy.  We all miss you and still adore you....and I still reserve the right to have impure thoughts while watching the 'Sleepy Jean' dance...just putting that out there.  Whooooosh!


  1. aw, what a fun tribute! i can't believe it has already been a year! he came to the cool springs galleria in 2002 and I stood in line to meet him! all my friensd thought I was crazy but I was so in love with him from those monkees reruns!

  2. Rad blog! One of the best vintage/retro ones i've seen! Go you!