Monday, 18 March 2013

This (Past Few) Week's Haul---Lamps, Kitchen Kitsch, and More!!!

Golly, chickens, I didn't realize how long it's been since I did a 'Haul' post until I began the photo-taking today!  I've got such a lot of goodies to show you!  Here goes!

This little gem of a China Craft vase was unpacked by my boss while I was helping her set up at the Antique Appraisal Fair in town.  I immediately asked her how much, and was given the 'retail' and the 'Dolly' price.  I told her to try and sell it for the full amount, but that if it lasted the weekend it was officially mine!  Thank goodness there aren't many MCM folks round here and this lovely of lovelies is now residing on the Sculptra hutch in my dining room.

And the coolest thing?  It matches perfectly the China Craft bowl (that I picked up at Habitat almost a year ago for $3) that sits on my coffee table.  I'm debating moving it to the dining room table, but haven't talked myself into it as of yet!

This handsome big eyed Artful Dodger impersonator was won on a local horse rescue's facebook auction page!  I love him!  Sorry about the darkness of the pic...we've had so little sunlight lately and it's in the foyer which only gets a tiny strip of light from the 'slit window' in the carport door.
Look at the little four leaf clover in his mouth!  Too adorable!

Another dark and foreboding pic!  A super retro vintage metal shelf.  Another facebook find, but this one on a local buy/sell page.  And it's gorgeous!  Perfect condition and unfortunately just the right size to fit just about anywhere, ergo, it's been playing musical chairs round my house and hasn't yet found its 'home' yet! 

This little number came with it!  I'd been searching for one for ages and this one is terrif!  Would you believe it even still has the original rubber feet.  I was most surprised that it retained its original removable metal mesh insert.  Usually you find them without it.  And it's in almost perfect condition...just a tiny spot of rust on the insert, but that can be shot with a little black Rustoleum and it'll be good as new!

The lady I bought the shelf and magazine/record rack from had bought a couple of things from me recently on the same site and had mentioned that she had a thrift store.  
When I laid claim to these, we decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to see her shop and so she held them there for me to pick up.  WHAT A THRIFT STORE FIND!!  Wowwy wow wow!   
I love it when you find a thrift store that is just chock full of stock...and chock full of great goodies...and at great prices!  This was one of those....and it's only about a 15 minute drive from me, I discovered!
While I was there to pick up the shelf and rack I, of course, had to do a little shopzies.  Talk about a score for the Brady Ponderosa! 

The fist thing I came across were these bad boys....

I'd seen some on Etsy a few months ago when I was perusing MCM wall cover and loved them.  Here they were for $5 the set!  Aren't they divine?

As I was checking out, we began discussing 'The Ponderosa' and as soon as I said, "Brady Bunch orange countertops, she was off!  She returned with these sweet little mod niblets....
I know.  They're tremendous.  And only 50 cents each!  They match my mod wine glasses a dream:
Now I have a complete mod dinner set when I pair them with my Pyrex Crazy Daisy dish set!  It has cups and saucers with it, but I like these better!

I found this sweet little Scottie Dog creamer as well.  I already have one...well, two actually, but my mom's knicked one of them! I was glad to find a second!

In the back room, I almost missed this little baby!  I'd seen a pink one on ebay a year or so ago, but didn't bid on it because, not only was it going a little high for my taste, it had been printed a little low and the scottie dog was half cut off by the lip of the bottom tray when it was together.
This one ain't pink, but it's just as fab!  And the little scottie is VERY prominent, as it should be!  Pip's impressed.  I was most impressed that you can actually carry TWO deserts in this!  While one cake sits on the bottom tray and is covered by the middle section with the graphic, a second pie or plate of cookies can then be sat on top of the graphic tin and covered by the little rounded top!  How sweet!

Speaking of scotties, I'm doing my sewing room in them.  And red and black.  And as much Art Deco as I can get my little mitts on.  So when I found this frame on the bottom of a stack of frames at work while cleaning, I was smitten!  I asked my boss how much it was as it wasn't priced.  She said she couldn't even remember where it came from let alone a price, so to just take it!  Yaayyy!
The dog food advert is one of the two I told you about in the Life magazine I bought at work a few weeks ago.
Looks like Pip's profile!...or at least it will when he's full grown!

Not long after, I won this great MCM pitcher with a barbecue motif from the same horse rescue site I bought the big eyed waif from:
This'll be great with summer flowers in it sitting on my counter!

When I was out and headed to the grocery store the other day, I remembered that there's a little consignment shop down the road that I've never had the chance to get to.  I whipped in and found not only a great shop with a pretty darn good selection of antiques, but also a kindred spirit in the lady who owns it.  She, like us my dears, loves vintage.  Also, like me, she's most fond of the '60s and '70s.  We talked for ages.  She'd been to the sale that we'd done when my grandfather moved out of the house and was thrilled when I told her I was keeping everything very mid century.  But when I told her about my kitschy '70s owl and mushroom laundry room, she quickly asked if I'd seen the clock in the back of the case at the register.  Of course I had!  I asked her how much it was, just in case I decided to come back and get it and she proceeded to take it out and give it to me.  She said that she hadn't cleaned it up and it didn't work, so she hadn't even bothered to price it yet, but that she'd done really well selling the rest of the I should just take it!  What is it about me that people are always giving me things?  Not that I'm complaining!  I took this home and cleaned it up.  It'll need a new mechanism, but it'll look fab with the canisters I got a month or two ago!

We've had a few warm days lately and I've been slowly trying to get my vintage set of outdoor saucer chairs ready to go.  I've been looking for ages for a table to go with them and a couple of days ago at work, it hit me that this single stacking table/stool would be perfect....and it was only five bucks!  I'm most likely going to paint it to match the chairs.  Don't worry, it's a repro!

I've saved the best bits for last.  The lamps.  Oh, the lamps!
The lady at the thrift store (of the shelf, rack, carrier, scottie, and pictures) rang me and told me she had a lamp that I'd just love and to come by and see it.  She sent me a picture and I told her to hold the phone!  It was the ugliest, most fabulous lamp I'd seen in a long time!  I wanted it and would be by to pick it up shortly!  Here's he is now:

And in a gratuitous close up:

The last time I was there, I'd spotted this little poppit:
It was still there, so I snatched it up too!

Last, but not least, THE LAMP.  I mean the greatest lamp ever! 

I'd seen it the first time I was there, but the lady was keeping it for herself.  When I returned, she said she couldn't get the shade off (she hated the base) and if I wanted it I could have it for...wait for it.........$20!!!  How quick do you think I grabbed it up and held it close lest someone else in earshot get a split second to snatch it for themselves??!!
The base IS weird.  But it's weird in a good way I think.  I'm pretty sure it's carved plaster.  It's white, but has been lightly rubbed with a greenish gold wash in places.  I love it!

I love the striping effect going on on the shade!

Well kids, that's the scores from the last few weeks!  How've you lot done on the thrift?

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