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Not THOSE pigs!....

THESE pigs.....

The Lay's Pigs.  It seems that, in 1969, to tie in with the actual Lunar Landing, the Lay's company put out a few of these as a promotion.  How many were actually distributed, I don't know.  But I could only find one for sale and GEEEEEZ LEEEEWWWWWEEEEEZZZZZ at the asking price on that baby!

I got my little mitts on this one as a kid.  One of the local high schools always had a barbeque supper to support it's booster club.  My entry ticket won me this beauty at the tender age of about 8.  I knew it was old then...and that's what I loved about it!

It's a super cool game!  The instructions read as follows:

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to be the first player to make a Lunar Landing on the moon.  A Lay's Three Little Pigs Astronaut Team mans each spacecraft in the race to the moon.  Up to four craft may enter the race at one time.

1.  Each player should choose his spacecraft.  [I was always red!]


2.  Shuffle the stack of 32 cards [would you  believe they're all still there??]
3.  Decide who shall play first by spinning the Space Dial.  The player who spins the highest number of "Move Forward" spaces plays first.

4.  The space race begins at the Blast Off area on the Lunar Landing Board.


1.  A player spins the Space Dial and does whatever it instructs him to do.  This will be one of three things:
     a.  Move Forward a certain number of spaces OR
     b.  Move Back a certain number of spaces OR
     c.  Draw a Card
 (IMPORTANT:  From BLAST OFF through JETTISON STAGE 3, a player accepts only FORWARD spins because the space craft has to go fast to free itself from the pull of the Earth's gravity.  [see what they did there?  A little bit of rocket science thrown right atcha!]  The player is to ignore orders to MOVE BACK and number of spaces or to DRAW A CARD until JETTISON STAGE 3 is completed.)

2.Directions on a CARD are to be followed immediately, except in the case of a LAYSer BEAM CARD. ["LAYSer Beam!  Oh, the clever word play!!]  All CARDS should be placed face up in a separate stack after they are played.  

3.  Five of the CARDS are LAYSer BEAM CARDS.  A LAYSer BEAM CARD can be used at any time.  It allows a player to ignore any instruction that might delay his lunar landing.  However, a LAYSer BEAM CARD can be used only once.  The player should keep his LAYSer BEAM CARD by his place at the Lunar Landing Board until he wants to use it.  A used LAYSer BEAM CARD is placed face up on the used deck of CARDS.

4.  When all the CARDS have been drawn, reshuffle the stack, place face down by the Lunar Landing Board and continue playing.
5.  Players should follow the directions on the Lunar Landing Board as indicated.


6.  Once his spacecraft has gone into orbit around the moon, a player continues in orbit until he gets a spin that stops him right on MOON PATH, the only space that permits a landing. (For example, if he is 2 spaces away, and he spins a "Forward 3 Spaces," he must "fly by".)

7.  When his craft stops on MOON PATH, the player must stay there until he spins a "Forward 1 Space."  He ignores all other instructions on he has landed on MOON PATH.

8.  The first one to land on the moon is the winner.

 I can tell ya that this is one of those games that, while it seems simple enough, can eat into an entire summer afternoon!  It is a LOOOONG game to play!  But it's super fun and was always one of my favourites!

I leave you with The Muppets....and Luke Skywalker....

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  1. When you mentioned this game a while back I tried like HECK to find anything about it online, thinking I had some inkling of a game like that...turns out, THESE pigs in space are entirely new to me! How cool!