Monday, 17 June 2013

Updates--Part Deux--The Brady 'Kitschen' and Dining Room

Well the short post yesterday worked out well...aka, it didn't take me 3 hours to get my computer to cooperate.  So we'll try the same format once again, shall we?

I don't think I've posted any recent pics of the Kitschen and Dining Room.  Everything's a work in progress and even tiny changes make a HUGE difference, don'tcha know.

 To make more room in the dining room, I took the leaf out of the table and reduced the number of chairs around it to four.  I then used the two 'leftover' sweet Sculptra chairs at the breakfast bar.  I like this set up much better....and it saves me from having to recover the three stools which had been at the bar...I bloody well hated those things anyway!

 Some of my first paintings on the wall above the buffet/hutch and a sweet little aqua 'Jamaica' tea towel to cover up some of the scratches on the top of the Sculptra table until I can refinish it...poor little lamb wasn't respected and was abused before I adopted it.

The vintage barbecue pitcher I bought a couple of months ago looks sooo cute on the counter!  Needs some daisies or black eyed susans in it though!  And how cute are these little owl salt and pepper shakers?  Even though the laundry is the 'owl' room, I just couldn't let these poppits out of the kitschen!  They were my great-grandmother's and sat in her kitchen as long as I can dad assures me that they also were there as long as he can remember as well!  Their little orange waistcoats and jade jackets match the 'kitschen' perfectly!  They remind me of the old 'Owl Jolson' cartoon.....

The pantry sits in the space between the kitschen and the living room.  When they installed the laminate flooring, it made the floor so high that we couldn't get the pantry door back on!  So I have to keep the thing uber neat and tidy!

 I adore this spice chart!  It tells you which spices work best with what dish!  The date at the bottom is 1967.  Check out the psychedelic graphics!

 My birthday was a week ago.  NO.  I will not tell you how old I am.  But I WILL introduce you to our new housemate here at the Brady Ponderosa.....the sweet sago palm mom got me as a present!  Fits perfectly in the hairpin legged plant stand...which I think I'll be painting black soon.

 As I was taking these pics, I realized that I have never shown you the inside of the revamped mid-'60s Hotpoint fridge!  Well, here he is......

I soooo love the cooling panel in the back!  Looks so cool!  The shelves were quite rusted when I found various places around the basement.  So I painted them aqua to match the butter panel in the door.  It's a slightly darker aqua than the rest of the door....

 Here's a closeup of the starburst and diamond pattern on the butter door.  I think it may be my favourite thing in my kitschen....

Stay tuned!  Living room tomorrow!!


  1. I love your kitschen! Especially that spice chart. Does it go into much detail about exotic spices like garam masala? I would love for that to be on there mainly because of the whole eastern obsession in the 60s

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, the most exotic thing on the chart is guacamole listed under 'Oregano'! Ha! Welcome to the blog!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love it! It...and the oven...were the first appliances that my parents bought (used and refurbished)when they got married. When they moved into my grandparents' house while it was being built, they brought them with them. Then my grandparents put in a newer...poppy red...set when they moved in and relegated these lovelies to the basement canning kitchen. But it only just occurred to me that, in taking out the late '70s set and putting these in instead, I've actually reinstalled the original, first appliances to this room! :)