Monday, 22 July 2013

This Week's Haul--Patterns, Books, Vinyl, and a Mersman Table

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Pip and my mom's Tavish ate my camera chip recently.  That little mishap means that I can't take photos...well, actually I CAN take all the photos I like but they've got no way to hop on here!  I was going to wait to do a haul post until the situation was remedied, but realized that I could easily find pics of the items online..maybe...and use those to illustrate my finds!  So, here goes!

A couple of weeks ago, I popped into the Goodwill in my little Hamlet.  Not something I usually do as they've turned to crap in the past couple of years.  Nothing but a sea of last season's Walmart clothes and new in package junk from the same type stores that cost more at Goodwill than if you bought them from the store itself.  Bottom line, nothing more than 2-5 years old makes it onto the shelves there very often.

I didn't find much, but I did get this great book:

I saw the mid-century spaceman themed graphics on the spine and snatched it in a snap!  I've not begun reading it yet, but it sounds fabulously cheesy!  Can't wait!

I also found a trivet like this one...out of it's package of course!...I'm a trivet fiend.  I can't help myself.

I did a spot of thrifting today and picked up some great stuff.

I'd seen a table on Saturday in a thrifty I don't patronize often.  The reason I don't is that it's one of those churchy ones that I like to call 'Jesus thrifties' and, while I normally find these to be the best both inventory and price wise (there are a couple of fantastic ones where I live that I go to often), this one is just, well, uncomfortable.  They're always having bible class on the sofas, they look at you like a freak most times, you'll likely stand at the counter for up to ten minutes waiting to pay while they do prayer stuff just feet away, and they're that weird blank-faced unfriendly that sometimes accompanies cults.  That said, I've found a few good things at great prices there, so I suck it up and deal with the heebie jeebies every now and again.
Anyway, so I saw this coffee table Saturday and didn't bite.  I thought about the thing...and it's $5 price tag!..all day Sunday and today decided to go and see if it was still there.

It was.  It's a Mersman and is very similar to this one:

It doesn't have the groove in the side of the top and the legs are straight up and down instead of angled out, but otherwise it's pretty much this table!  The top has a few discolouration issues, so I'm actually thinking of painting the whole thing gloss black and sealing it and using it as my outdoor table on my carport with my four vintage solair/saucer outdoor chairs once we have enough sunshine for me to be able to repaint them.  It'll be GREAT for entertaining!

I also stopped by another 'Jesus thrifty' that I DO like!  I got a couple of fun things there.

These two books:

I know!  I can't wait to read up on Penelope the Damp Detective!

I picked up a pattern too:

I also found another trivet--this one with a mod shamrock pattern--and a great velvet 1960's purse, neither of which I could find a match to online.  Boooo!

Most everything is closed on Monday where I live, but the Opportunity House thrift store was also open and I popped in there quickly as well.  They're another that I've kind of shunned lately as their prices have skyrocketed and they pull the 'vintage' stuff to sell at silent auction now and again (at silent auction that always takes place when I'm working.  Grrrr.)  But I do find the best price in town on patterns and every now and then I stop by to shuffle through the boxes.
Today I found a few goodies:

They have box upon box of LP's and though most are from the '70s and '80s, I did find Lord Creator's 1964 platter, Big Bamboo.  

Here's a few of the risque tunes for you to check out!  Too fantastic for words!

Naughty, naughty!  Ha!

What have you tidbits been up to?  Any great finds?  Are you a trivet queen like me?


  1. Ooh you got a couple good patterns there! Most of the opp shops in Australia are run by church groups or charities and when you get to the counter they have little prayer beads and Jesus statues for sale. But my favourite one is attached to the local Anglican church and they only open on Saturdays for half a day but they have the best stuff! I can spend $50 there easily and walk away with 2 bags full. The best thing I got from there was a silver EP egg cup for 50c. It was filthy, but we polished it and now I get to feel fancy while eating my boiled eggs! But I love most things I get there anyway.

    1. The church ones really are the best for prices and good stuff. They don't usually gouge and a lot of their donations come from their congregation which, around here, are just the right age for the mid century stuff! I got a great egg cup not long ago at one of the good 'Jesus thrifties' that I shop at frequently too!

  2. Great stuff! I love "The Mysterious Planet" book! (Rob)

    1. I'm a sucker for mid-century space themed stuff! I can't wait to read it! Should be a right laugh!

  3. Dolly - saw your post over on Mr. Modtomic's blog about looking for a large Sculptra china cabinet. Responded that I might be able to help you out, but didn't know if you would see my response there, so figured I'd cover my bases. Figured we'd try to help if we could!