Friday, 19 July 2013

Let's Hit The Beach!---Florida Vacations, 1950's

Hi hi!  Since the old laptop's acknowledging the existence of my USB for a change, I thought I'd regale you with some family photos of  1950's summer holidays!  I've got a 'haul' post in the works and was going to do a spot on the progress of my bathrooms, but alas Pip and his best friend Tavish ate my photo card recently!

I give you Florida, mid-century:

These were taken by my grandparents between 1952 and 1959.

My grandfather, Harold.  Handsome devil!

The most beautious beach babe, my grandmother Margaret:

My grandfather with my uncle, Fred, and my Dad, Sam....

My grandfather had become friends with the owner of the 'Sea Spray' motel when he was in WWII.  Therefore, the family always stayed there on their annual summer vacation.  Here's my dad in front of the sign.....

The motel next door was called the 'Sea Gull' and somehow one of their towels ended up in the possession of my grandparents.  I found it a couple of years ago and it now hangs in one of my bathrooms.  It says "Sea Gull Motel-52"!

My grandfather and my great-grandfather, Charlie.  Snappy dressers!....

I like how you can see my grandmother's head shadowed in the foreground taking the pic!

Just as handsome fully clothed!....

My dad and uncle bothering the life guard!....

Well, hi there, sailor!  How cute as my dad?...

My grandmother and my dad.  I want her entire ensemble!!  Gorgeous!....

I actually have the swimsuit my grandmother's wearing in this photo!  And it looks brand new!...

They loved photbooths apparently and had their photos taken pretty much every year, which is great as you can watch my dad and uncle grow up!

Don't they make you want to pack up the Studebaker and head off to the beach?  Of course it won't be nearly as kitschy sweet as it was back then, so may be best to just revel in the joys of summers past....


  1. great photos! i loooove vintage vacation photos. i like the one of the little boy in the blow up tube with the horse head. so cute!

    1. That'd be my dad! Wasn't he the cutest?

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  7. My grandparents passed long ago.. Your photos brought tears to my eyes. I remember watching slides and looking at photos of their vacation in Florida (Naples) when I was younger. Wish I could find who has their slides and photographs so I could look at them again...

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