Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ad of The Day: Brach's Candy--Halloween, 1959

I found this ad while flipping through the pages of an October, 1959, edition of Life.  And don't you just think the little trick or treaters are adorable?......

In the days of 'sexy Cinderella', it makes me super happy to look back on the Halloween that was.  I mean, I honestly think that my generation...the kids who had their childhood in the '80s and early '90s...were the last to experience true innocence and that 'good old days' vibe.  It wasn't the innocent of the '50s and '60s, but we still went door to door (although any candy received at any house we weren't familiar with was always thoroughly checked by mom and dad), we still got homemade cookies and candies from the older couples in the neighbourhood (one lady used to make me a loaf of her sweet sourdough bread that she knew I loved in anticipation of my annual Halloween visit and another used to make me a FULL BATCH of my favourite cookies!...yeah, it's a miracle I'm not big as a house today!), we dressed as cartoon characters and princesses and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and none of them 'sexy', aka 'pole dancer with a theme'...not even adults' costumes).

Check out these other vintage Brach's ads I found.....

How fab is that owl packaging!!??  Wow!!!!

I used to love those little pumpkins!!  I used to put a ton of them around my dollhouse to decorate it for Halloween as a kid!  They must still make them as I saw one included with a few other Halloween treats in a pile on the register at Walmart the other day.  I don't know what's more frightening, the fact that the cashier was actually ok with putting her hoard of unwrapped candies on that nasty register, or the fact that I was at Walmart.  

Shock Horror!  Non-individually wrapped candy!

I wanna be the Chief Goblin....

Here's some other candy brands' Mid-Century Halloween push:

The 'Here Kiddie.  Kiddie.  Kiddie' thing is ultra creepy.  Just sayin'.

Do they still make Chuckles?  I seem to remember the package on the top left as a little kid.

Now THOSE are some treats.  None of those 'fun size' disappointments for our Mid-Century trick-or-treaters!

How about 'Fudgies'?  Are they still around?  I used to love them, but I haven't had them in ages.  I remember my great-grandmother having them all the time...of course, knowing her, they could have been from the '60s!

I just watched 'It' the other night.  It may be a few weeks before I can look at this ad and not be as terrified as a two year old.

Oh my golly!  Anyone else remember those suckers with the looped stick?

I leave you with Necco Wafers and an OK bar.

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