Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!--Life Magazine, October 31, 1960

Just had to share this fab article from the stacks!

Life Magazine, 1960...October 31st to be exact!

Here's a little snippet from the front of the mag.  The last paragraph is about the article and the photog responsible for the creepy, Surrealist shoot.....

"Won't scare the kids"???  Ummm, I'm an adult and even I find the images pretty darn disturbing.  See what you think:

I love how the little girl is sticking her tongue out at the demon!  And willya take a gander at that fabric her snazzy garb is made of!!!  Whoa!

Channeling Michael Jackson 30 years early....

Here are the kids behind the creepyness......

Pip wanted to get in on the action and tried to do his own version of the pics....Whataya think, kids?.....

In the end, he decided he looks much more appealing in a less Dali-esque pose...

Happy Halloween from the 'Brady Ponderosa'!!!


  1. Pip is so cute, I love his little hat! Those George Silk photographs are pretty horrifying even fifty three years later! That one skeleton towards the end is my kind of costume, though-- just creep city! :) Happy halloween!!

    1. Isn't he just a little doll?! When I unpacked that hat, he was all over it! When I put it on him, he loved it. So, as it belonged to my previous Scottie, Nigel, and I had a photo of him in it on my parents' bed, I quickly scooped Pip up and headed to the bedroom to recreate the shot!
      They are soooooo creeptastic! I want to print all of them off and use them to decorate a wall in the Ponderosa next Halloween!
      Happy Halloween!

  2. The models are primarily fellow LIFE photographer John Bryson's kids Mary (princess), Scott (skeleton, vampire, LIFE cover) & John Jr. (Devil) along with neighbors Brian & Liane Asher (father produced/directed Bewitched) shot at Bryson's Malibu beach home & a second studio shoot with some Silk family members.

    Reposted to the Bryson Facebook Page: