Thursday, 14 February 2013

Celebrate Valentine's With These Cute Vintage Couples!

 Sorry for the late post, but my Valentine's call from MY Valentine put me behind!  But it's still not too late to wind down your Valentine's Day with some vintage romance!!


I know lots of you love vintage family portraits.  Sooooo, today I'm sharing with you some of mine!  And the best part?  They're actually my family, so I can tell you their names and a little about them!!  So, without further ado, the cute couples from my family's past.....

This tintype is of my great-great grandfather's sister, Jennie, and her husband.  
How lovely is the pinkish tinting on the bouquet she's holding and her cheeks!!

 An unknown couple from my dad's family.  They look less than thrilled....

Another couple from my dad's family.  The man is most likely my great-great-great grandfather (the father of Jennie, above), as he looks suspiciously like my great-great grandfather.  Also, I'm pretty sure that's my great-great grandmother, Mattie...which would make this not an actual couple, but a father-in-law and his daughter-in-law.

From my mom's side of the family, my Pappy's grandparents, Edmund and Margaret.  I love how he's so large that he has to unbutton his trousers!...

 Also, from my mom's side, my Memaw's parents.  Meet Isabel and Alex...

Isabel's brother, Jim, with his wife Nettie and their son, Johnny.  I don't know what I like best, her dress or her shoes!

Back to my dad's side again!  My great-great uncle, Bill with a lady friend!  He was quite the ladies man, I'm told!

Bill's great-great grandparents, Mattie (from the photo, above, with the older man) and SR.

My great-grandparents, George and Myrtle, aka, Myrt.  With some friends...George and Myrt are the couple on the far right!  She's the world traveler you've heard so much about!  

Here they are much older....
Funny side note about this photo, which  I'd never seen until a couple of years ago:  Over fifteen years ago, I acquired that loveseat for my room in my parents' house (where it still resides).  I needed a side table to go with it, so grabbed one from my grandparents' garage.  It was THIS side table!  Fate brought them back together and I had no idea until I looked at this photo years later!  I'm happy to report that they are happily together still!

Papaw George's sister, Grace, and her husband, O.B....who also happens to be Mamaw Myrtle's brother!  That made their son, OB Jr and my grandfather double first cousins!  O.B. started Trailways Buslines.  I'll do a post about him soon, I promise!

These next few are of my other set of great-grandparents on my dad's side.  Margaret and Charlie, who she married after the death of my great-grandfather.

On their honeymoon in Canada

These were taken in a photo booth on holiday in Florida just before she died...of slightly mysterious circumstances (but that's another post all together!)

Back over to my mom's side for a minute...
My grandparents, Bertha and Grover, aka, Memaw and Pappy:

Memaw's brother, Virgil and his wife, Dorothy.  I'm loving the sweater/cardi/hat combo here.

Memaw's sister, Agnes and her husband, Wiley

Another of Memaw's brothers, Carl, with his wife, Thelma, and two of their friends.  Doesn't the mystery lady remind you of Eunice on Mama's Family?!

Pappy's brother, Oscar, and his fiance, Ina.  He was later killed in France and they never married.  I have all the letters he wrote to her at my mom's.  Maybe next Valentine's Day I could post them!  Sad, but sweet!
 Get a load 'a that coat!

Oscar and Ina again!  I'm in love with that outfit...check the shoes!

Don't feel too bad about Ina losing her Oscar, though.  Because a few years later, his best friend from the army came to his funeral (it was 1947 before they got his body back in the states!  How terrible would that be!).  He met Ina, they fell in love, and were married until they passed away in the '90s!....

I always knew them as 'Uncle John' and 'Aunt Ina' and they were just about the sweetest couple I've ever known!  Miss them both terribly!

Heading back to my Dad's side for a moment...
An omnibus of sorts of my grandparents, Harold and Margaret, through the years...

Proud parents!...that baby's my Daddy!

The photo booth at the beach would seem to have been a favourite with them!

Their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Heading back over to the other side of the family...
My mom and some boyfriends!

Of course the handsomest Daddy in the world had his share of 'other women' before he met the most beautiful Mom in the world!

Here he is as Carnival King!...I have that tie!

There are a lot of him and his main squeeze in the mid-'60s, Betty Ann.  While not as gorg as The Doll's mother, she was a looker!  And boy could that girl dress!

Valentine's dinner at the country club...

 Betty Ann's prom...

Dancing at a Christmas party...I wish it wasn't so blurry!

Headed out for a date.  I LOVE that pinafore...and that door...and the stone wall!!

Eventually, Daddy struck gold.....



 I'll leave you with some snazzy couples who are either unknown or just friends of the family from both sides...

Have a Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!


  1. Loved meeting all of your folks. You have some great looking family! I am seriously intrigued about the lady who died not long after her photo booth picture. And that story about how the other relative married her dead husband's best soldier friend years later is like something out a novel. The photo of the two young kids going to a dance is absolutely amazing.

    1. I'll have to do a picture post of her! She was a stylish lady...and fascinating!